Homemade Natural Soap

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All Natural Handmade products

Non-GMO, Organic, All Natural, Vegan, Responsibly Sourced

Hand poured Soy Candles

All Natural hand poured, Organic Soy wax combined with the most amazing fragrances available or fragrance free if you like, will provide up to 48 hours of flame with our 8 oz candles and up to 60 hours with our 12 oz candles. All candles are made with natural wood wicks and are beautiful in any room.

Soy Candles.jpg

Bath Salts and Soaks

I love providing something extra to clients whenever they need it. That is why I have created the most splendid Bath Salts and Bath Soaks possible. All products are all natural and skin soothing and come in a variety of scents and botanicals to chose from.

Bath Salts.jpg

Luxurious Goat Milk Soaps

Pure and natural Goat Milk Soaps are like heaven to your skin. They provide the most spectacular cleansing and moisturizing properties available. These soaps are 100% fresh Goat Milk and come in a plethora of amazing creations. All soaps are handmade in small batches and allowed to cure for 6 weeks. New soaps creations available frequently so check back often.

All photos are representations. Each soap is handmade and cut. There will be color and slight size variations from batch to batch. Each bar is between 6-7 oz after cure time. 


Bath and Body Oils

When you need a boost of softness on your skin and you want to smell the amazing scent of Roses, Jasmine, Calendula or Lavender, then just apply these wonderfully created oils to your bath or directly onto your skin. I use high quality and all natural botanicals and oils that will truly leave your skin healthy and radiant. Jojoba, Grapeseed, Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter will leave your skin glowing.

botanical infused body oils 1.jpg

Bath Bombs

Love to soak in a bath with the water fizzing around you? Love the scent of spectacular aromas and botanicals swirling in the waters surrounding you? Then we have the perfect bath bombs for you.